The following are excerpts from The Back Book.

  • Back pain or ache is usually not due to any serious disease.
  • Most back pain settles quickly, at least enough to get on with your normal life.
  • Back pain need not cripple you unless you let it.

About half the people who get backache will have it again within a couple of years. But, that still does not mean that it is serious. Between attacks most people will return to normal activities with few, if any, symptoms. It can be very painful and you may need to reduce some activities for a time. Rest for more than a day or two usually does not help and may do more harm than good. So, keep moving. Your back is designed for movement. The sooner you get back to normal activity, the sooner your back will feel better. The people who cope best are those who stay active and get on with their life despite the pain.

Reference: Anon., The Back Book, London: The Stationery Office, 1996.